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Jai Shri Ram - Ramayana, the musical is a reprise of the Sanskrit epic from ancient India and it has delighted generations of Indians. It is a timeless saga which symbolises the victory of good over evil, hope over despair, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance & arrogance.

JAI SHRI RAM - RAMAYAN created by Puneet Issar & Siddhant Issar is retelling of Ramayan from Prabhu Shree Ram’s Perspective in its purest form. 

The 2 hrs & 45 mins show focuses on the essence and importance of “Ram Rajya” in today’s world.  It’s a depiction of transition and struggles of Lord Shree Ram, his journey from being a young prince to a seasoned king. The play explores the love story between Ram and Sita in ways not shown till date.

Ramayan focuses on Ram’s inner and outer conflicts and dilemmas, all of which he faces while balancing his duties as a son, prince, husband, brother, friend and a  righteous enemy. 
Lord Ram is a paragon of virtues, conversant with principles of righteousness, his gentleness, courage, selflessness, dutifulness, valour, commitment and nobility are symbolic of everything ‘Maryaada Purshottam’ stands for! 

In a very organic way, ‘Jai Shree Ram - Ramayan’ shuns the caste system and division of society with it’s positive messaging. The  Show’s focuses on importance of human relationships. Core values of humanity such as -  peace, order, non-violence, non-descrimination, generosity, sacrifice, renunciation, non-materialism, spirituality and righteousness are upheld and portrayed in a blockbuster entertaining format and it does not underline any religious themes at all.

The dialogues are beautifully written in a poetic form. The celebrated starcast, opulent sets, rich costumes, regal LED backdrops, live kathak dances, live singing, live action, live background music & much more, put this theatre extravaganza in the league of acclaimed broadway styled musicals, transporting you to the golden Indian era, as if you are witnessing it in first person.

Special emphasis, importance and justification is given to characters such as Sita, Mandodri (Raavan’s Wife), Saroopnakha, Kaikai, Urmila (Laxman’s Wife). A strong objective of the underlying theme of the play is to empower women and portray them in a very strong and powerful light.

This spectacle of a show is presented by Showman Theatre Productions, in an extravagant production which is set to create unprecedented benchmarks in the world of Indian and International theatre. Come and watch this heroic tale with your friends & family, taking back an enthralling memory for life.

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